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Wine tasting corporate tours in Italy

Choose from a host of incredible wine experiences as you embark on your corporate wine tasting tour in Italy

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These are only some example of corporate wine experiences in Italy. Our wine tours are entirely tailor-made to suit visitors' preferences: they can be shorter or longer depending on their needs. Please contact us to design your own bespoke incentive trip or team building wine tour.

With an ocean of rich cultural diversity, archaic relics and monuments, scrumptious cuisine, delightful weather, stunning landscapes and world-famous wines, Italy is a travel destination on everyone’s bucket list. So, why not make it the next country to visit for your corporate wine tasting tour?

Our local travel experts in Italy are geared up to help you plan the perfect wine tasting corporate activity for your team. Spread across all the major wine producing regions of the country, they have a plethora of wine experiences designed to make your corporate wine tasting events a true success. These wine experiences can be entirely customized specifically in terms of your needs and likings.

In the cool climate wine region in the North of Italy, you can embark on gondala rides or cruises in the many lakes in the region or indulge in a caviar tasting with your team while sipping on the famous sparkling wines of the region. Your wine tasting corporate activity designed by our local travel expert can also take you to some famous golf courses in the region where you can enjoy delicious wines while you tee-away.

If you plan to make your way towards the most-famous wine growing region of Tuscany for your Italian corporate wine tasting tour, you are sure to be in for a treat! Our local travel expert in Tuscany has some incredible wine experiences designed specifically for a corporate crew wanting to indulge in team-building and incentive activities. From a relaxing and rewarding stay at a luxury villa or castle, exclusive wine tasting sessions in the rolling green hills of Tuscany to visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites, top-end wineries and devouring Tuscan gastronomy at the Michelin Star restaurants, the opportunities are endless.

We also have a host of bespoke wine experiences for your corporate wine tasting events in the largest Italian island of Sicily. Our Sicilian travel expert will make sure that you and your team make the most of this unique cultural melting pot in the Mediterranean with active volcanoes, centuries old monuments, delicious traditional cuisine and some of the finest wineries to visit. Embark on a Sicilian adventure as you take part in wine tasting and pairing activities, cooking classes, visit archaic ruins, fly over an active volcano in a helicopter or visit villas and museums in the old coastal towns of the island.

All these corporate wine tasting tours in Italy can be easily altered based on your demands. Once you decide on the wine regions of your choice, all you need to do is contact our local travel experts and let them plan you and your team a wine tasting corporate event to remember.


  • Choose from the many famous wine regions of Italy
  • Enjoy the gastronomical delights of the country
  • Indulge in exclusive wine tasting and pairing activities in Italy's best wineries
  • Discover the incredible tourist attractions in innovative ways
  • Relax and unwind with your team in some of the most luxurious villas and hotels

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