Challenging golf and opulent wines in south-east Italy

Exclusive golf and wine tour in Puglia, Italy

Tee-off from some of the best links courses in south-east Italy. Beautiful scenery and opulent red wines await you in the wine region of Puglia.

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San Domenico Golf

Located in south-east Italy, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, San Domenico Golf is a links course of winding meadows that runs among secular olive trees along the beautiful Adriatic coast. The views of the sea are spectacular and the wind blowing in from the coast will make your round of golf challenging. Designed by the European Golf Design and built to the highest standards, this 6,300 meter, 18-hole course combines strategic bunkers, a well-structured fairway and a cleverly-designed green. And for golfers who are interested in adding a touch of culture to their experience, San Domenico is situated next to the ancient city of Egnathia. In fact hole 8 is an ideal opportunity to admire part of the necropolis, the ruins of which date back to the 5th century BC!

Acaya Golf Resort

Situated in the medieval village of Acaya, this 18-hole course offers peace and tranquility in the south-east of Italy, close to the National Nature Reserve Le Cesine, one of the best-preserved wetlands of southern Italy. Just 45km from Brindisi airport and 12km from the center of Lecce and its beautiful beaches, the course underwent renovation in 2007 in the hands of the famous American golf course architects Hurdzan/Fry. Great care was taken to blend the course into the beautiful surroundings, creating perfect harmony between the natural specificities of the site and a considerable variety of design. The result requires players to use the 14 irons and woods in their bags! Ingenious water distribution guarantees perfect supply to the grass, with no surplus or waste and a complex network of small lakes and streams naturally manages the oxygenation of the water thanks to a system of waterfalls. The wind is also a major obstacle on this links course adding an extra challenge. Players can tee-off any day of the year thanks to the wonderful warm climate.

Explore the beautiful wine region of Puglia

This long, narrow wine region is situated in the south-eastern corner of Italy, starting at the heel of the ‘boot’ – the Salento Peninsula, and running north to the Gargano Peninsula. The region is responsible for producing almost half of Italy’s olive-oil as well as red, full-bodied wines that are a perfect match for a wide variety of foods. Here, you will discover small vineyards that are mainly owned by local families who have been making wine for generations.

The landscape of Puglia is diverse; surrounded by water on three sides, the cool breezes blowing in from the Mediterranean Sea help to moderate the temperatures of the warm climate. The region is well-known for the red grape variety Primitivo, that grows in two main areas in the centre of Puglia. Spread over the gentle hills of Gioia del Colle and the flat coastal land around Manduaria, it offers the possibility to taste how different terroirs can influence the character of a varietal. Traditionally cultivated as ‘bush’ vines, the plants are able to survive the extremely hot, dry summers and produce grapes that in turn give rich-colored wines bursting with cherry fruit and lively acidity.

Southern Puglia is the perfect opportunity to visit the stunning city of Lecce. Founded over 2000 years ago during the Magna Graecia (Ancient Greek occupation) period of Southern Italy, the city abounds with churches, lavish baroque-style mansions and a rediscovered Roman ampitheatre.


  • Choose a golf course, then book your preferred tee time and requested equipment for a wonderful golfing experience.
  • Complete your stay by exploring the beautiful wine region of Puglia.
  • Give your taste-buds a treat with some of the fantastic juicy wines

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