A private walking tour of the historic Florence food market

Your day of endless new tastes, smells, sights, and sounds begins when you meet your English-speaking guide in Florence's city center.

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Together with your friendly, local Florentine expert gourmet guide, you'll set out together across the city to experience the best in fresh, seasonal produce and culinary wares Florence offers. Before your actual market tour, your guide might first stop in a charming Florentine cafe where you will be able to sip a cappuccino and eat a delicious pastry as you discuss this essential Italian ritual.

Your first stop on this half-day exploration of Florence's vibrant culinary scene will be a stop to the bustling, brimming indoor Florence food market. Indulge your inner foodie and wine-lover in the overwhelming sights and smells of this extraordinary, historic marketplace. Upon request, the vendors will offer you a sampling of their special products like wild boar prosciutto, aged sheep's cheese known as pecorino, or vine-ripened tomatoes. After your guide has taken you through the entire market and shown you the highlights of this beautiful temple of Tuscan delicacies, you'll visit an elegant nearby gourmet food shop, and discuss the ingredients used in making traditional Tuscan dishes. You will have plenty of time to purchase unique gourmet food gifts to take back home or to enjoy later at your accommodations.

Your private walking tour of the historic Florence food market and wonderful gourmet shops will conclude outside a local trattoria, where you'll be able to enjoy a lunch consisting of the stupendous genuine Tuscan dishes you have learned about during your tour.

From Farm-to-Table at the Florence Market

As you likely already know from personal experience, a local supermarket and its wares provides a certain kind of culinary experience. A historic Italian food market can open up an entire new world and approach to food in general. Modern supermarkets offer interminable varieties of both raw and prepared. Alas, even the freshest among these foods has been kept for up to months in a state of pseudo-freshness thanks to high-powered refrigeration, or even worse, strong chemical injections to prevent or delay expiration dates. The genuine flavors that are present at the moment of harvesting unfortunately have a limited longevity.

That's where the Florence indoor food markets come in: there are havens of fresh tastes and smells, places where vendor stalls are heaped with organic fruits and vegetables raised in the lush green-belt surrounding Florence, and brought into the city early in the morning to be sold to Florentines searching for the freshest, best wares. The Florence food market offers a full range of these delicious items, ranging from fruits and vegetables, fish, fresh meats to salt-cured charcuterie, local cheeses, and much more, which keeps the Italian tradition of farm-to-table ingredients alive and well in both private Florentine homes and restaurants alike.


  • Private half-day walking tour of Florentine food market and gourmet shops
  • English-speaking food and wine expert on Florence's vibrant culinary world
  • Sample freshly harvested farm produce originating from Tuscan countryside
  • Learn about the production process of Tuscan prosciutto and Pecorino cheese

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