Sights, sounds, and smells of a traditional Roman market

The sights, sounds, and smells of a traditional Roman market are immensely vivid sensations, and as such, are nearly impossible to describe in a few short sentences.

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The intense red of a vine-ripened tomato, the shouts of the indoor market vendors, and the enticing aroma freshly sliced Pecorino cheese are all experiences that must be seen firsthand to truly comprehend.

The Rome Market and Gourmet Food Shop tour provides you with this unique chance to delve into the world of sustainable Roman cuisine, accompanied by a local gourmet food expert. Upon meeting up with your expert English-speaking guide, you'll walk through the ancient streets of Rome to a historic, bustling, brimming outdoor food market. Your local food expert will lead you on an engaging tour of the market, as only a Roman local can. You'll peruse the fish, meat, and vegetable stands where you'll taste some delicious, fresh local fruits, or some mussels straight from the counter. Your private guide will explain how several of the ingredients you see have been used in Rome's culinary traditions throughout the centuries, and how they still play an important part in the modern Roman cuisine.

After the outdoor market, you'll explore the nearby historic Jewish neighborhood food shops, with their unique, traditional culinary products. The wafting, heavenly aroma of your next stop will hit your nose even before you cross the street: you are in one of Rome's most famous bakeries. You'll see (and taste!) an array of different breads, as well as other local treats like Roman Pecorino cheese, marinated anchovies, and plump black and green olives. All this tasting calls for a refreshing glass of fine wine. Your food expert will introduce you to the world of Italian wine as you enjoy a lovely wine aperitif paired with the shop's specialties. Your half-day tour ends in one of Rome's most traditional osteria, frequented almost exclusively by local Romans, for a chance to enjoy a memorable typical lunch. If they are in season, you can enjoy the fried artichokes that made this osteria famous!


  • An insider's view of Rome and its culinary treasures
  • Expert, friendly English-speaking guide for half-day tour
  • Fresh local produce and products
  • A real Roman market with delicious gourmet foods

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