Vodka tasting in France: extraordinary tours in wine country

Join us on an exclusive vodka tour exploring well-known wine regions for the finest vodka tasting outside of Eastern Europe. Journey beyond the “Vodka Belt” and discover the subtle and elegant flavors of this premium French spirit.

French vodka has become extremely popular all over the world and is now one of the country’s most important exports. With some of the most expensive and refined vodkas served in bars and nightclubs across the continents, French vodka has established a name for itself in the industry.

While many people associate the best vodkas with Russian labels, the wine makers of France have created a class of their own with elegant, subtle and gentle interpretations of the Russian spirit. Eastern Europe is the birthplace of vodka, and the famous Vodka Belt includes countries like Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Poland, the Ukraine and Lithuania, as well as most Scandinavian countries. Their cold weather, where grapes are not able to grow, is the perfect environment for the art of vodka making.

The origins of vodka takes us back to the days of distilling potatoes, but today the spirit is made primarily with grains. And now French Master Blenders within the wine making industry turn their expertise to using grapes for vodka too. Combined with spring water and distilled several times, the vodka quality in France is exceptional, making it the perfect destination for vodka tasting.

Whether you’re a connoisseur or beginner, we can tailor our holidays to suit you. Combining history and sightseeing, gastronomy and a range of cultural activities, we can create a tasting experience to remember. Enjoy expert-led tastings in the most sophisticated French regions, sample authentic local cuisine in luxurious surroundings, and train your nose to detect varying flavors and textures of premium French vodka.

Why vodka tasting in France?

Vodka tasting in France is an activity that is growing in popularity. Most of the French vodka brands are created in the region of Cognac, best known for its world-class Cognac brandy. But with their premium vodkas being served in bars and nightclubs across the globe, vodka is quickly becoming just as important and is one of the country’s biggest exports.

Our vodka tasting tours journey you to some of the most beautiful locations in France, taking in awe-inspiring scenery and exploring sun-drenched vineyards, while learning everything there is to know about French culture, tradition and gastronomy.

Grey Goose is one of the most well-known labels, but there are also many high-end vodka brands to tantalize your taste buds with. These include Ciroc Extra-Premium, distilled from the finest French grapes and exhibiting a slightly sweet taste; Jean-Marc XO Vodka, featuring a silky texture and a  lovely floral bouquet for the nose; and Vodka Mariette, made in Bordeaux with hand-crafted bottles and offering smooth and citrusy flavor. These are just to name a few. The distillery industry is booming, and one of the defining qualities of French vodka is the quality.

Join Wine Paths on a vodka tour to discover the best vodka varieties inspired by French wine. Learn to use the three key senses – smell, sight and taste – to differentiate the flavors and textures of this powerful spirit.

Places to visit in France

There are so many fantastic places to visit in France, with each region offering something unique in terms of gastronomy and culture. With Wine Paths, you can explore the famous wine country including the regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone Valley, Champagne, Provence, Loire Valley, Languedoc-Roussillon, Alsace, and Corsica.

We also create bespoke Cognac tasting holidays in the eponymous region of Cognac, taking our discerning clients to exclusive locations along the Cognac Route.

If you’re interested in vodka tasting, you will also find a number of world-class distilleries in the Cognac region and around. We take an insightful approach with our distillery tours, allowing you to meet the Master Blenders and cellar masters who have honed their craft and turned French vodka into a true art form.

When to visit France

France enjoys hot summers and mild winters, with a pleasant and spring and autumn. The best time to visit is in the shoulder season, as the summer season can get particularly crowded along the wine and brandy routes.

To avoid the crowds, travel between April and June or September to November. However, the summer does promise the best weather for sun-seekers.

Interesting facts about French vodka

French vodka has never been so successful, and now the spirit represents 11% of total French spirit production, equating to an industry worth over 650 million euros. The most popular brand of French vodka is Grey Goose, and this variety is made from wheat. Following closely behind is Ciroc, a leading pioneer of grape vodka. Ciroc uses two different types of French grape – Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc—and is distilled five times in total.

Vodka made with three or more distillations will remove more of the impurities compared to single distillation, and ultimately that leads to a cleaner flavor. With less impurities, the vodka may feel smoother, more elegant and easier to drink, especially for first time vodka beginners who are unfamiliar with trying it neat.

Join us for a vodka tour

We love creating interesting itineraries for our clients and this certainly goes for our vodka tours. Combining France’s history and culture with vodka tastings, distillery tours and food pairings, we create trips that will leave you with lasting memories.

Explore below for some of our premium vodka itineraries in France below or get in touch for a bespoke itinerary.



What are the best French vodka brands to try?

Grey Goose is the most widely consumed French vodka brand worldwide. Other premium brands from France include Ciroc, Kirkland Signature, Jean-Marc XO, Vodka Mariette, Cobalte, Guillotine, Veuve Capet, Thompson's, and Dragon Bleu.

What are the best ways to taste French vodka?

There are many ways you can sample the quality vodkas of France. New age vodkas have added so much more diversity to the world of mixology, and one of the best ways of enjoying French vodka is in a cocktail. Vodka is also perfect with a variety of mixers, or you can drink it neat to fully appreciate its flavor profile. When it comes to tasting experiences at distilleries and bars, the best way is to try it neat, and sometimes with ice.

Why is French premium vodka so expensive?

A bottle of French vodka can be seen as one of life’s luxuries. Many of the vodka labels distill their vodkas several times, some as many as five, which can add to labor and production costs. The finest ingredients are also used to ensure the highest quality, finished with premium packaging for a luxurious feel. Some of the brands, such as Vodka Mariette feature bottles that are all hand-crafted to perfection.

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