Unique Experiences at Scotland's Oldest Working Distillery

Exclusive distillery experience at Glenturret Distillery, Scotland

At Glenturret, our idea of progress is to stick to what we, Scotland’s oldest working distillery, have always done best, making Single Malt Scotch whisky the traditional way. And, when you have a true hand in the outcome, it makes the finished product all that more exceptional.


Situated just outside the small market town of Crieff, in beautiful rural Perthshire, the Glenturret Distillery is a fantastic hidden gem. Nestled among the trees and with the Turret river running alongside it, you get a sense of what it may have been like for illicit distillers making whisky out of sight from the excise man in years gone by. And this is not the only thing about Glenturret that gives you an insight into whisky making history. Whisky production has been taking place on the banks of the Turret since at least 1775, making it the oldest working Distillery in Scotland. This heritage shines from every aspect of the Distillery’s walls, and if you join one of the many tours on offer, you’ll see this in the methods used, from the last remaining hand mash tun in Scotland, to cutting the spirit by hand and by eye; not a computer in sight!

Whether you’re a whisky newbie or a connoisseur, there’s something for everyone at Glenturret. From a Distillery Experience Tour, where you are guided around the oldest working distillery and get the opportunity to taste the golden nectar, to a Stillman Experience, where the whisky aficionados among us can spend a day with one of our stillman, working alongside them and becoming fully immersed in the process. This year Glenturret have released their latest experience; Fusions of Fudge! Working with local fudge creators they have perfectly paired three hand crafted flavours of fudge, with three of their very own hand-crafted Glenturret Single Malt whisky. This sweet sensation tantalises the taste buds and allows you to experience whisky in a whole new way, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Be sure to schedule in time for a visit to their unique and welcoming shop which stocks a full range of superb single malts, including Distillery exclusives such as Bottle Your Own Glenturret which you can bottle straight from the cask. The friendly and knowledgeable hosts will be happy to take you through whiskies on offer, to make sure you leave with the dram that is the ideal pairing for your palette.

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