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Exclusive wine experiences at Domaine Bousquet in Mendoza, Argentina

The Bousquet family hails from the city of Carcassonne, in the South of France and has 4 generations of history in the winemaking tradition. Its mission is to produce world-class quality organic wines combining both French and Argentine know-how in the winemaking process.


Domaine Bousquet: Naturally Elegant Wines

History and philosophy

In 1990, the Bousquet family arrived in Mendoza aiming to keep up with the vineyards and wineries of the area. They discovered that the region had unique characteristics including the soil, altitude and terroir. Because of these characteristics and qualities, they knew they had found the ideal location for their winery.

In 1997, a parcel of land was purchased and they relocated from France to the foothills of the Andes. With cold nights and a near constant breeze, the vineyard is located in a region with idyllic conditions to produce ripe grapes and extraordinary organic wines.

"We are committed to organic agriculture while improving our land’s biodiversity", says Anne Bousquet, CEO, co-founder, and partner. "We believe that the healthier the vineyard, the better the fruit and, of course, the wine. In other words, by nourishing the land and treating it with respect, we know that the land will give us back its finest fruits".

The organic philosophy together with our extensive sustainable practices are the key values that the entire staff shares with the company and is eager to transmit to our visitors.

Domaine Bousquet Experience

When coming to Domaine Bousquet we expect our guests to live a mind-blowing experience. The insight of an organic and sustainable production causes people to value nature’s gifts and to appreciate them even further. We provide a relaxing and educational encounter from beginning to end framed by the magnificence of the Andes.

From the tour around the vineyards to our course menus, created with vegetables from our organic gardens and paired with our best wines, we invite our guests to experience full contact with nature.

Private events such as weddings or corporate events are welcome.

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