Argentina wine tour package from North to South

An Argentina wine vacation is an extraordinary experience that will take you on a sensory trip from the arid northern province of Salta and its floral, fresh Torrontés -a grape and wine native to the country- and strong, fruit-forward reds; to the quintessential Malbec terroir in the world, Mendoza. Beyond these celebrated regions, you will discover the elegant and refined Pinot from Patagonia, and more…

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Argentina is four times larger than France, and it is one of the world’s nature reserves. Its outstanding natural wealth and extraordinarily diverse landscapes offer mountain ranges (including the highest peak outside Asia, the Aconcagua) and extensive plains (where cows and gauchos roam freely), lush vegetation and extreme deserts, glaciers (the world-famous Perito Moreno which seems to be growing rather than melting away due to global warming) and waterfalls (the Iguazú Falls, the world’s largest and most impressive). This wealth of natural ecosystems includes large, highly productive grape growing regions stretching at the foot of the Andes that cover a cultivated area of more than 538,071 acres.*


There are many options when it comes to Argentina wine travel, as there are a few characteristics that make this country and its wines, unique. May it be the famous wines from the wineries of Mendoza or the vineyards graced with a stunning backdrop of the Andes in Salta, a wine experience in this country will be a perfect adventure for you.


A “typical” Argentina wine tour package brings a “it takes two to tango” approach of presenting the country’s flagship grape, Malbec and Argentina’s only native grape, Torrontés, a floral, dry white whose best expression comes from the Cafayate Valley in the north of the country. Both are celebrated examples of Argentina's wine-making traditions and remarkable diversity. Depending of which plot, valley or region they come from, you can identify the different tasting markers present in each glass.


A geographical approach will have you enjoy an Argentina wine travel experience while you also learn about the impact and importance that natural factors like altitude, continental climate, nutrient-depraved soils, and the purity of water have on wines produced in the South American country. Argentina boasts the highest vineyards in the world at 3,111 meters over sea level, and thanks to its extension (it is the world’s eighth largest country), its terroir diversity is second to none. These unique features combined set Argentina aside and position it as one of the most respected wine-making countries in the New World.


So… what do you say? Tempted yet to indulge in an exclusive Argentina wine tour package? Get in contact with our local travel expert and design the tailor-made Argentina wine vacation of a lifetime!  




*source: Wines of Argentina

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