Clare Valley wine tours: Historic Australian wine region

Discover the picturesque valley just ninety minutes from Adelaide that is Clare Valley. Wine tours are an ideal way to explore this secluded region with its award-winning wines, stunning natural beauty and historic towns and villages.

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Indulge yourself on some of the best wine tours Clare Valley has to offer

Clare Valley is famed for its dry varietal Riesling, but if your tipple is red, then Clare Valley will not disappoint either as powerful reds based on Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are also produced in the region along with Pinot Noir, Malbec, Tempranillo and Grenache. If Riesling’s sometimes searing acidity is too much for you, you could also sample the region’s Chardonnay, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. Clare Valley wine tours will give you the opportunity to sample an eclectic range of award-winning wines combined with simplicity and authenticity.

History intertwined with the vine

As one of Australia’s oldest wine regions, Clare Valley is brimming with history and what better way to discover this than with one of Wine Paths’ exclusive wine tours. Clare Valley’s rolling hills and fertile soils were a draw for early pioneers, making it one of the most historic regions in South Australia. With its livestock and productive orchards, it was dubbed the ‘Garden of the North’.

The Heart of Clare Valley

Wine tours should definitely lead you to Sevenhills, often referred to as the ‘Heart of the Clare Valley’ - perfect to start your meander along the Riesling Trail linking the valley’s villages or to visit some of the local cellar doors and sip a glass of refreshing, zippy Riesling or a powerful Shiraz. The town gained its name as settlers thought the landscape resembled that of around Rome. One of the region’s most unusual and picturesque wineries can be found nearby, which was established by Jesuits fleeing persecution in Europe; it’s still owned by the Society of Jesus and continues to produce sacramental wine.

Watervale, of great significance in the history of the Australian wine industry as the site of Clare Valley’s first commercial plantings, still boasts historic buildings constructed by early settlers; many old stone buildings line the streets of the town and the town’s many vineyards continue to be the source of some of the country’s finest Rieslings.

The pretty hamlet of Leasingham is home to some of the region’s richest viticultural lands, giving its name to one of Clare Valley’s most prominent wineries. In the past, it was a resting place for men carting copper ore from the Burra Monster Mine – which in 1945 counted as the world’s largest mine -  to the ocean at the Gulf of St Vincent.

Discover fascinating stories and local gems on Clare Valley wine tours

Call in Riverton Railway Station, the site of the first Australian ‘political assassination’ where a visiting MP was shot while trying to overpower a crazed passenger with a gun. Demand a drink from the publican at the Rhynie pub. Long known as ‘bona fide’ due to its ideal distance from Adelaide – 60 miles’ travel in a day during the days of the ‘early-closing liquor law’ meant you were a bona fide traveller and could request a drink. Lose yourself in the maze in Mintaro, previously a major hub for men carting copper ore, with its blue-stone and slate heritage buildings, still preserving its English-village-like charm. Or, hungry after Clare Valley wine tours, sample one of the many fine-dining options in Auburn or pick up delectable local ingredients for a picnic at one of the local farmers’ markets.

Whatever kind of Clare Valley wine experience you are interested in, at Wine Paths, our local experts are skilled in designing the most exciting luxury Clare Valley wine tours. Let them put together your ideal trip to this picturesque wine region steeped in history.

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