Eden Valley wines: Prestigous cool climate wines

Known as the ‘Garden of Grape and Gums’, Eden Valley is one of Australia’s premier cool climate wine growing regions that has a reputation for producing, among other varieties, the country’s finest Riesling.

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The Eden Valley wine region settles on elevated terraces among the Mount Lofty Ranges, north of Adelaide in South Australia. The region is part of the so-called ‘Barrosa Zone’, which incorporates another world-renowned wine growing area, Barossa Valley – famed for its signature Shiraz (known as Syrah elsewhere).The success of Eden Valley wines, which have collected a host of prestigious international awards, comes from the single most influential factor in shaping the region’s wine styles – the all-important altitude that is provided by the rolling hills scattered across the area.

The elevated vineyards that are grown on exposed slopes at elevations of between 380-500 metres above sea level, bestow the Eden Valley wine region with a cooler climate than neighbouring Barossa – creating a longer growing season that accentuates the wine’s concentration of flavours.The first vines were planted in Eden Valley – named by the surveyors of the area after they found the word ‘Eden’ carved into a tree – back in 1847. Traditional growing techniques have remained in place and been accompanied by aspirational sustainability and authenticity.

There are now around 40 high class wineries across the region, set amongst thatches of gum trees, undulating farm lands and rugged landscapes. They range from recognisable producers such as Henschke and Pewsey Vale to small boutique estates specialising in premium, hand crafted wines.

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All of our private tours can be tailor made to meet your exact requirements, ensuring every detail is taken care of so that you can relax and fully enjoy the world class wines, welcoming atmosphere and tranquil settings of the Eden Valley wine region.As well as the region’s noted Riesling, other highly respected Eden Valley wines include quality Cabernet Sauvignon that carries cassis-accented fruit flavours that are distinct from those grown from higher altitudes. And, the widely planted Shiraz is responsible for some of the region’s most highly acclaimed wines, such as Henschke’s Hill of Grace.

At first glance, Eden Valley appears a small, quaint town but closer inspection reveals the hidden vineyards and ancient red gum trees clinging to hillsides. It is an ideal destination for winding down and relaxing amid South Australia’s natural beauty.This includes the Kaiserstuhi Conservation Park where visitors can stroll through ever changing landscapes of rocky outcrops, native forest, open grassland and cooling creeks – while marvelling at panoramic views of the neighbouring Barossa Valley.History and culture enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the town’s Lillefield Gallery, which is still housed in its original Baptist Church, and the majestic Lutheran Church on the main street is also likely to impress.Among other attractions in the area are: the Whispering Wall, a thin arched wall at the Barossa Reservoir where whispered voices can be heard over 140 metres away; the Herbig Tree, which once housed an entire family; and the Lyndoch Lavender Fields that are mesmerising when in full bloom.

And, for dedicated wine tourists, the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills are within touching distance – offering hundreds of more wineries to discover, including arguably the country’s finest Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc.

If you are interested in exploring the Eden Valley wine region, visit our Australia destination page for more information and inspirational ideas before planning a bespoke trip.

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