Fourth Classified Growth in 1855 in Saint-Julien

Exclusive wine experiences at Château Branaire-Ducru in Bordeaux, France

Quality is our absolute priority: it displays in an enormous amount of fruit,
freshness and subtlety.

Château Branaire-Ducru has belonged to a French family group since 1988. In these past decades, the property has been fully renovated and the tireless pursuit of excellence has led amongst other achievements to the introduction of a second wine (Duluc de Branaire-Ducru), made mainly with fruit from the youngest wines. All this bears witness to the spectacular return of Château Branaire-Ducru as one of the elite Bordeaux wines. The whole team is extremely motivated and strives every day to contribute to this fine success by producing top quality wines.

The wine

  • Grape varieties: Cabernet-Sauvignon 70%, Merlot 22%, Cabernet Franc 5%, Petit-Verdot 3%
  • Average age of the vines: 35 years
  • Aging in oak barrels for 16 to 20 months with 60 to 65% of new oak. Woods selected in various French forests according to their flavors and tannins quality.
  • Light toasting respecting the wine's fruit and aromatic purity.
  • All the steps in the winemaking process and aging are aimed at expressing the grapes' potential and thus our terroir in a wine where fruit and aromatic complexity go together with richness and balance, without any over-extraction and heaviness.
  • Average production: 350.000 bottles per year.
  • Château Branaire-Ducru can be drunk between 5 to 10 years after the harvest and it can be kept 15 to 20 years, or more, according to the richness and the power of the vintage.

Duluc de Branaire-Ducru

  • Grape vines under 15 years old.
  • Ready to drink 3 to 5 years after the harvest. It can also be stored longer depending on the richness of the vintage.

Branaire-Ducru and Duluc de Branaire-Ducru wines are characteristically complex and have long aging potential. They are aged traditionally in barrels made from French oak.

Over and above this, they are made in such a way as to bring out the purity of their fruit, lots of freshness and as much elegance as possible.

The winery

  • First modern winery using the gravity flow system since 1991, thus eliminating the use of pumps with the harvested fruit and the wine.
  • There is a wide range of stainless steel tanks of different sizes with temperature control, which makes it possible to carry out a very fine selection based on the varying characteristics of the different vineyard plots.

The terroir

  • Soil: Deep quaternary gravels with clay in the subsoil
  • Château Branaire-Ducru covers some sixty hectares (150 acres) that are located in the commune of Saint-Julien.

The vineyard

  • Works: traditional ploughings or grass between the rows, depending on soils and vines' behavior.
  • Trellising and canopy management according to vineyard density and soil composition.
  • New vineyards planted with vines selected in our own old vineyards and produced in our own nursery.
  • The entire vineyard is harvested by hand.
  • Harvest date based for each plot on phenolic analysis and berry tastings.

All work performed at the vineyard aims at producing perfectly ripe fruit giving a perfect image of Branaire-Ducru's terroirs. Cabernet Sauvignon is predominant in our vineyard. It gives complexity, style and power to our wines while preserving fruit and freshness - even in hot vintages.

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