Tours & wine tasting of Apulian wines in winery dated 1882

Exclusive wine experiences at Coppi Casa Vinicola in Puglia, Italy

The tour starts from the vineyard next to the Wine House and continues with a visit to the historic 1882 Cellar, through winemaking tools, barrels, barriques in the underground tanks, and illustrations of the native Apulian vines. At the end of the visit, it is possible to purchase wines.


The history of Coppi Winery is an ancient one, it is the history of an Apulian family devoted for decades to wine production on the hills of the “Murgia dei Trulli”. It is the land of the prestigious Primitivo doc Gioia del Colle, with its unique elegance, freshness, and balance, influenced by the hilly and stony soils it grows on, a denomination that has been constantly growing on the world markets both for its quality and for local marketing efforts. Out of fourteen “Gambero Rosso - 3 Glasses” awards assigned to Puglia in 2019, five have been assigned to Gioia del Colle DOC wineries, a consortium composed of only 14 wineries. The united intent of the territory’s producers implies a competition exclusively on qualitative terms, excluding from the Consortium’s intention any possibility of loss of identity and control such as, for example, the possibility of bottling outside of the disciplinary territory.

It all began back in 1882. This is the date of birth of the historic winery, at the hands of a pioneering winemaker from Turi. In 1929, the owner at the time, Antonio Zaccheo, commissioned the well-known architect Francesco Schettini to restructure the limestone areas of the company, as you can still see them today. Since the late 60s, the winemaker Antonio Coppi began his professional collaboration in the cellar, with the enthusiasm and dedication of a young man fond of his work and of that unique world, made of fragrances, earth, and must.

Coppi Wines owe their birth and their history to who in 1972 took over the winery, transforming it into the mission of his life: restoring dignity and prestige to the Apulian wine production, still unknown and somehow mistreated and snubbed by the rest of the Italian "mainstream" wine industry.

Everything stems from the extreme care in production, from the cultivation of the hundred hectares of family vineyards, a heritage that has always been handed down, together with the love for the viticultural techniques of Primitivo, Aleatico, Malvasia, Negroamaro, and Falanghina.

These are the years of the hard work, constancy, sacrifice, and a foresight that little by little will reveal its successfulness. When the wineries in Puglia were still very few and the Apulian wines are still considered second-class ones, in the early 90s the winemaker Antonio Coppi buys the first bottling chain.

Moreover, Antonio is the founder of the “Consorzio di Tutela del Primitivo Doc Gioia del Colle”, the first of the Primitivo denominations of origin to be recognized in Puglia, not by chance in the Murgia dei Trulli area, a land devoted for millennia to viticulture.

The passion and knowledge of Antonio Coppi's wines is soon transmitted in a very natural way to his daughters and son, Lisia, Miriam and Doni; because the love for wine is first of all love for their own land, it is a visceral link to it, to that piece of Puglia where a whole family was born and raised.

Living in sync with the seasons and the cycles of nature, among the scents of the vineyards and in the exciting atmosphere of the harvest: this is how childhood and youth of the Coppi siblings went by, strengthening the union with the cellars, their wines, the Apulian Land. Today Coppi wines are known all over the world.

The constancy and perseverance of Antonio and his children made this brand become synonymous with quality. But, above all, they have triggered a process of rediscovering the territory and enhancing its products, making Coppi wines one of the excellences of the Apulian wine production. It is no coincidence that one of Coppi wines, the Vanitoso Riserva 1999, was the first Primitivo doc Gioia del Colle wine ever to obtain a Grand Gold Medal at Vinitaly 2006, an award that definitively established the entry of this vine into the Olympus of the great aged still red wines.

After that event, Coppi won numerous awards, including the "three glasses" Gambero Rosso 2017, 2018 and 2019, Best Primitivo at "5 stars Vinitaly 2017", 96 points on the Wine Guide by Luca Maroni, important points from Wineenthusiast, James Suckling, Andreas Larsson, Anuga Wine Special, Decanter, Double Gold Medal at CWSA, and many other national and international wine competitions.

Today there is the opportunity to personally experience the centennial history of the Coppi family and of winemaking in this Land of Primitivo, with a visit and tasting itinerary in the historic wine cellar near Turi, among stone cisterns, oak barrels, presses, and wine tasting and show cooking events, a precious treasure of tradition and modernity of Apulian wine in Puglia.

An ancient history, that of Coppi wines, but also a history in progress that continues, in the name of innovation, technological modernization, and environmental sustainability, with new chapters in which passion, tradition, and innovation embrace in a winning project that draws its success from a dream that began several decades ago.

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