The ideal place to learn the secrets of Sicilian cuisine

Exclusive cooking classes at Wine Relais Feudi del Pisciotto in Sicily

In the kitchen of "Il Palmento" Restaurant, under the expert guidance of the resident Chef Jerry Termini, it is possible to learn and taste authentic Sicilian meals. An interesting activity for all ages and abilities.

Gourmet Experiences
From 1 to 3 hours

At Wine Relais Feudi del Pisciotto, you can breathe history and modernity at the same time, in the midst of vineyards that give great wines. Here you can also find the Ristorante Il Palmento Feudi and the Kitchen School conducted in collaboration with Le Cirque New York, where you can discover the thread that links the style of the renowned Le Cirque restaurant to the authenticity of the Sicilian and Mediterranean recipes: swordfish or tuna fish tartare, sardines and fennel, Pasta alla Norma with eggplant, squid with artichokes, baked mullet, anchovy meatballs, rings pie (a type of pasta), caponata, sea bream or beef carpaccio, selected cheeses... And then, for the sweet part of the meal, the famous Sicilian cannoli, maybe served on a plate of the great artist Giacomo Alessi, the Sicilian cassata, watermelon pudding and almond cookies.

The Kitchen School runs classes, starting from 3 days to 2 weeks, where you can learn the most typical recipes, discover the secrets of local ingredients and the scents of an island where all the great civilizations of the past - Greeks, Arabs, Turks and Normans - left their culinary heritage.

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