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Explore the finest wineries in Penedes on your next wine tour in Spain and taste delicious wines while you wander around in the gorgeous vineyards and archaic wine cellars.

The beautiful wine region of Penedes in Catalunya is located approximately an hour away from the iconic city of Barcelona. The region is known to produce a large variety of wines including sparkling white and rose wines made using the Traditional Method or Champagne Method called Cava, dry reds and whites as well as sweet dessert wines. This makes it a must-visit destination for any wine-lover.

The wineries in Penedes have been producing fine wines for centuries. Much like a few other popular wine regions in Europe, the Romans were responsible for the vineyard plantation in Catalunya. The remnants of this archaic plantations are still visible in some of the vineyards of the region. The wineries in Penedes are scattered over several regions in Penedes, some of which are, Baix-Penedes, Mitja- Penedès and Alt-Penedès. These regions vary in altitude, but the other conditions present are quite similar. The soil type across all the regions represents a fair amount of limestone and clay as well as some proportion of sand. The climate in this region is Mediterranean, hence having a mild temperature all year round. The cool winds from France in the winter are offset by the mountain ranges around the wine country. This creates a host of favourable micro-climates for the local winemakers to make high quality, fine wines.

At the wineries in Penedes you will be welcomed by stunning vistas of sun-kissed vineyards surrounded by tall mountain ranges. Many wineries in Penedes are designed with a modern theme and reflect the incredible architectural highlights and skills for which Catalunya is very well known. You can roam around these vineyards and understand how these vines transform into beautiful wines in the wine cellars. You can indulge yourself in exclusive wine tasting and pairing sessions to understand the wine flavours and styles and discover the harmonious pairing of local wines with local delicacies like jamon and cheese. Contact our member wineries in Penedes or get in touch with our local travel expert in the region for booking yourself a wine experience of a lifetime!

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