Enjoy a private tour with a tasting of four different wines.

Exclusive tasting experience at Fantesca Estate in Napa Valley, California

This private tour located in St. Helena of Napa Valley blends a beautiful tasting experience with unrivaled sights of Spring Mountain.

Visits & Tastings
From 1 to 3 hours

A private tour of Fantesca Estate & Winery provides the opportunity to experience breathtaking views matched with world-class wines made by acclaimed winemakers Heidi Barrett and Tony Arcudi.

Tasting Desk

Weather permitting, Fantesca's private tour begins with a tasting of Heidi Barrett's Spring Mountain Chardonnay overlooking Fantesca's 10-acre vineyard on a private deck. With a heated tent for cool days and outdoor seating to enjoy when it's warm, the desk is always a spectacular experience.

The Cave

Legend has it that this cave, carved from a Spring Mountain hillside, was originally an abandoned silver mine. While experiencing the cave's naturally cool and humid climate, private tours will enjoy Tony Arcudi's King Richard's Reserve Pinot Noir.

Private Tasting Experience

Fantesca's private tasting room, located directly above the working winery, is the ideal location for experiencing Heidi Barrett's All Great Things Red Blend and Estate Cabernet. Commissioned art by America's Preeminent Painter of Wine Thomas Arvid enhances a stellar tasting to an unforgettable memory.


Please plan for a 90-minute tour and tasting experience.

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