Cognac Blending Session

Take away your personalized Cognac blend

Discover the secrets of blending the perfect XO Cognac!

Visits & Tastings
From 1 to 3 hours

In the shoes of a Cognac cellar master

In the heart of the Charente region in western France, lies the medieval town of Cognac, best-known for its "eau-de-vie" of the same name. Among the many people involved in the intricate production process, the cellar masters are responsible for safeguarding the timeless blends of their Cognac houses. Each cellar master will single-handedly taste, evaluate and compare hundreds of samples of eaux-de-vie to reach the perfect final combination. Cognac is a product of the senses.

Discover the everyday life of a Cognac producer and this fascinating universe.

After a tasting session, explore the secrets of Cognac through the production process and the creation of your own vintage.

Most Cognacs are the result of a blend of different Cognacs, and during this workshop you will become a master of blending. Create your own personalized Cognac with the help of a professional: at the end of the workshop you will leave with your bottle… it even has your name on it!

A unique experience which will allow you to understand all of the secrets of this nectar.


  • Learn how to taste Cognac
  • Explore the intricacies of the production process
  • Guided by a professional, master the complex art of blending
  • Create your very own blend and leave with your personalized souvenir bottle

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