Wineries in Western Australia are renowned for producing world class Bordeaux style blends and award winning Riesling

Western Australia wineries are clustered in the south-western corner of Australia’s largest state where some of the world’s hottest vineyards share company with those featuring more temperate climates that produce the country’s finest European style wines.

Western Australia may grow less than 5% of the country’s entire wine but the region features prominently among critically acclaimed bottles from Australia – especially its Bordeaux style blends from Margaret River and Riesling from the Great Southern region.These two regions are home to the most renowned wineries in Western Australia, although there are several more wine regions worth discovering Down Under.

At Wine Paths, our local expert can organise exclusive tours of Western Australian wineries, which can include elaborate tastings, luxury accommodation, fine dining experiences and some unique activities.All of our private tours can be tailor made to meet your exact needs, ensuring that every detail is taken care of so that you can relax and enjoy the matter at hand – sampling premium vintages from the finest wineries Western Australian has to offer.

To help you plan a visit and plot a course through the wineries in Western Australia, we have created an overview of the main wine growing regions in the state.

Margaret River is the most established region in the south west corner where cool breezes from two oceans create a more temperate climate that favours Bordeaux blends more than anywhere else in the country.There are around 150 Western Australia wineries in Margaret River producing excellent red blends dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, and refined whites including gracefully aged Chardonnay and classic SSB blends made from Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc varieties.

The wines from the second most influential region Great Southern are more diverse given the sheer scale and varying topography of the area. This is the state’s coolest region where typically intense Riesling reigns supreme, although cool-climate Shiraz (known elsewhere as Syrah) and some Pinot Noir also feature at the Western Australian wineries here.

A great proportion of wine is produced in the north from generally hotter vineyards close to the state’s capital city of Perth. Swan Valley is the oldest region with a history of wine making dating back to 1829, although many wine makers have since escaped the heat for the cooler climes of the south.Of the most respected Western Australia wineries here, the Hughton estate has been producing wine since its first harvest in 1859 and is responsible for one of the country’s best selling white wines, once controversially called ‘White Burgundy’ but now sold more discreetly as HWB.

Also in the north, Peel was once made almost 95% of Western Australian wines but production has severely dwindled, while Perth Hills has been compared to the Duoro in Portugal, producing full-bodied red table wines and a few fortified styles.Around two hours south of Perth is Geographe, which is renowned for some excellent classic Australian wines – with a portfolio that includes Cabernet Sauvignon blends, gamey Shiraz, citrus Chardonnay and grassy SSB blends.

Moving inland, Blackwood Valley is one of the state’s most scenic wine trails with over 50 Western Australian wineries scattered across rolling hills surrounded by forests, orchards and charming country villages.Finally, the Southern Forests wine region is one of the most exciting and emerging with the cool climate and rich soils of Manjimup and Pemberton encouraging Bordaeux style blends – which can be paired with fresh local produce such as black truffles.


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