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The world’s greatest and most expensive rosé

Château d’Esclans is located on an exceptional site on the Mediterranean coast. The first traces of the château’s site date back to the times of the Gauls when it served as a lookout point to spot intruders coming by boat into the Gulf of Frejus. The château’s cellar structure (the oldest in the region) housed an original Château in 1201. The current château, which design is inspired by a Tuscan villa was built during the mid XIX century.

The primary grape grown on the property is Grenache followed by Vermentino and others such as Cinsault, Merlot, Mourvèdre, Syrah, and Tibouren.

Garrus, Château d’Esclans’ top-end wine -promoted as the world’s greatest and most expensive rosé in a highly thought-provocative statement- has seduced consumers and top wine journalists alike. In the process, they have become enthusiasts for the other two estate-bottled wines: Château d’Esclans (known as Château d’Esclans Rock Angel since 2015) and Les Clans.

Whispering Angel

Château d'Esclans' Whispering Angel is the world's most famous rosé from Provence today. Its light hue, which is made from Grenache, Cinsault, and Rolle (Vermentino), is appealing to the eye and pulls one in. The flavor profile is rich and luscious, with a smooth finish and a bone dry finish. Whispering Angel is a quality rosé that can be enjoyed from mid-day to midnight and goes well with a wide range of cuisines.

Château d’Esclans also produces two Red Wines “S” Clans & Deesse Diane in addition to a White Wine, Deesse Astree.


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