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In this article, we share all you need to know before paying a visit to this enchanting French vineyard.

Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte is a wonderful, certified biodynamic vineyard nestled along the rolling hills of Bordeaux. With a history tracing back over 800 years, this magnificent winery has made a name for itself on the world stage and is renowned for producing some of the finest biodynamic varieties. 

In this article, we share all you need to know before paying a visit to this enchanting French vineyard. 

What Is Biodynamic Wine?

First thing’s first, you may be thinking: “what does biodynamic wine mean?” Well, the term refers to wines that have been produced from grapes grown on farms free of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Only natural materials, soils and composts are used to boost the biodiversity of the vineyard.

Consequently, these wines contain little-to-no additives. In short, biodynamic grape juice is free of suspicious chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.

Vineyards Making Biodynamic Wine: Château Smith Haut Lafitte

Now onto the exciting part: a vineyard putting these methods into practice and producing one of the world’s best biodynamic wines. The Château Smith Haut Lafitte winery sprawls over 78 hectares of flourishing vines.

The establishment is at the forefront of biodynamic wine growing, boasting its own weather station, carbon dioxide recycling process and cooperage. Lying a handy 20 minutes from the center of Bordeaux, you won’t need to travel far to explore this unique patch of paradise.

 Take a wine tour of the Cru Classe estate to experience it in all of its glory.


Visiting Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte, Bordeaux

Where art meets the vines, Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte is a truly magical place to visit on a viticultural adventure. The completely renovated estate is nothing short of breathtaking, with a stunning 16th-century tower resting upon its rolling vines.

Let a local expert lead you on a tour of the Chateau Haut Lafitte winery, sharing all of the secrets, history and heritage behind the vineyard. Then, top off the experience by sampling the gorgeous grape juice for yourself with a tasting session.

To further immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of the area, you may wish to go on a land art tour at Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte. Local artists display their work in the nearby forest. Exploring this unique site where art and nature come together seamlessly makes for the most magical experience.

Enhance your visit further with an exclusive Master Class Workshop. The session teaches guests all about the philosophy and values behind the estate that make the winery what it is today. As an unforgettable touch, you will be invited to taste the vineyard’s exceptional vintages.



Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte is a sensational winery located just a stone’s throw away from the city of Bordeaux. Explore the traditional viticulture techniques and biodynamic processes that make its wine so special with a tour and tasting at the vineyard.

Uncover the wonders of Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte by visiting the winery for yourself. On the viticultural experience of a lifetime, learn all about the biodynamic processes of the world-renowned vineyard before taste testing its most incredible varieties for yourself.  

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