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Here is our pick of some of the most exclusive wine and spirit blending workshops from around the world.

There is something incredibly special about customizing your own bottle of wine or spirit. Right from choosing the flavours and aromas that you want to work with to creating your very own personalized label for your signature bottle, we have experiences that will help you discover it all! 

Here is our pick of some of the best wine and spirit blending workshops from all around the globe.

Make Your Own Wine or Cava in Catalunya, Spain

On this exclusive tour you can play and experiment with the different coupages, in order to discover how different wines taste before going into the bottle, their "personalities" and find out how they interact to finally become a perfect blend. Let your imagination run wild as you design your own personalized label for your freshly prepared bottle of cava. At the end, you will enjoy a wine, cava and Extra Virgin olive oil tasting.


Wine Blending Workshop in Mendoza, Argentina

During this hands-on and fun wine blending workshop, you will learn the ABC's of wine-making from the winemaker himself, at a high-end winery in Mendoza. Afterwards, you will put your newly-acquired knowledge to the test and will blend your own wine -you'll have to try your hardest, as you will be competing against other teams! The goal of the workshop is not only to produce the best wine, but also to come up with the most original name for it and to create an inspiring label design.


In the Shoes of a Cognac Cellar Master, France

During this workshop you will become a master of blending. Create your own personalized Cognac with the help of a professional: at the end of the workshop you will leave with your bottle… it even has your name on it! Discover the everyday life of a Cognac producer and this fascinating universe. After a tasting session, explore the secrets of Cognac through the production process and the creation of your own vintage.

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A Day at Tahbilk: Nagambie Lakes in Australia

You will learn the art of wine-making in the form of blending, the motto being that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. Guided by a Wine Ambassador you will start with individual wines and blend them to create a wine that is truly yours. A 750ml bottle of your blend will be yours to take away. After all your hard work making your own blend you will no doubt be hungry for lunch, which will be waiting for you!


Create Your Own Brandy in Penedes, Spain

In this hands-on workshop you will discover step by step the production of brandy. Through an introductory workshop and a visit to an exquisite brandy aging cellar you will understand the key principles that are taken into consideration while making this fine spirit of Penedes. Once you've understood the process, you will have the incredible opportunity to go and create your own blend of delicious brandy. After you create your own blend, you can let your imagination run wild and design your own personalized label for your newly blended bottle.


Wine Blending Workshop in Bordeaux, France

After a private visit of a wine estate in the Lalande de Pomerol or Saint Émilion appellation, you will put on your lab coats for a wine blending workshop. Examine and taste the different grape varieties with a member of the technical team on the and learn to achieve perfect balance in order to make a perfect wine. After the presentation, create your own cuvée, blending the grapes according to your preferences. Possibility to take home a sample of your own creation.


Put on those blending gloves and get your olfactory senses ready for a blending workshop to remember. Contact our local travel experts and get personalized blending tours for yourself in the wine regions of your choice!

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