Learn all about the health benefits of organic wine

In this article, we share why organic wine is better for your health.

Organic wine has garnered quite a reputation in recent years for being a healthier alternative to standard varieties. Many swear by the benefits of the lack of chemicals and pesticides. So, why is organic wine better for your health?

Is Organic Wine Better For You?

Organic wine is made from grapes that have been grown in the absence of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. This lack of chemicals produces a much more natural bottle of grape juice. 

Why Is Organic Wine Better For You?

The primary reason why organic wine is better for you is that it does not contain as many chemicals as standard varieties. The farmers employ natural methods to boost grape production instead of using a whole list of pesticides and herbicides.

Organic practices include rotating to allow the land time to recover, inviting sheep to graze between vine rows to eat the weeds and using cover crops to attract beneficial insects to eat bugs damaging the fruit. 

This approach transforms vineyards into self-sustaining ecological systems with no need for harmful chemicals. 

In addition to this, these wines typically also have a lower sugar content and are free from potentially harmful additives such as flavoring agents and caramel coloring.

Health Benefits of Organic Wine

Fewer Sulfites in Organic Wine
Sulfites tend to be used as a colorant and preservative in regular wines. While these are still added to organic wine to keep it in its prime for a longer period, they contain about half as much as used in standard varieties. 

Less Sugar in Organic Wine
Nearly every wine you come across will contain high sugar levels, either from the grapes or artificial additives. Organic varieties tend to contain significantly less which is beneficial for blood pressure levels, inflammation, weight gain, diabetes and fatty liver disease. 

More Antioxidants in Organic Wine
While many praise the health benefits of red wine, the antioxidant levels that make it good for you are actually much more abundant in organic varieties. The health benefits of these substances include increasing the activity of sirtuins which promote longevity and proteins that fight against aging diseases.


Glass of Red Wine



As you can see, there are many wonderful health benefits of organic wine. From blood pressure levels to aging diseases, this grape juice can positively impact our bodies in many ways. The best way to get clued up on all of the wonderful benefits that it can offer is by visiting an organic vineyard.

A local expert can teach you all about the farming practices used as you wander through the beautiful scenery of the winery. You can find organic vineyard tours all over the globe, from Chile to Italy.

Want to discover the wonders of organic wine for yourself? Head to an organic vineyard where a local expert will lead you through the glorious setting of the winery, sharing the history and ideology behind its grape juice, before inviting you to a tasting. Check out our vineyard tours in wine destinations across the world.


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