Visit Corsican wine vineyards with a private plane tour of the Mediterranean island

Corsican wine remains a surprisingly well-kept secret that is struggling to be confined by the shores of this beautiful Mediterranean island – native grape varieties are beginning to waken international attention.

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This island, which rests between the coasts of Provence in France and Italy’s Tuscany, is renowned for its beautiful beaches and as the birthplace of former French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Although Corsica has been under French rule since 1769, the island’s close ties with Italy are also reflected in Corsican wines – created by a collision of wine making traditions from the two countries.

Corsica wine is primarily produced from classic Italian grape varieties: the white Vermentino and red Sangiovese (known locally as Rolle and Nielluccio respectively), while the local Sciacarello red grape is unique to the island.With a history of wine making dating back 2,000 years, Corsica has collected an extremely diverse assortment of grape varieties – although only a few are used for the production of AOC quality wines.

At Wine Paths, our local expert can organise exclusive Corsica wine tours across the island, which can include elaborate tastings, luxury stays, fine dining experiences and some unique activities.Perhaps the most exciting way to explore Corse wine vineyards is from the skies as part of our private flight and Corsica wine tour. Passengers can enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean and the island’s sun-kissed landscape before landing to sample some of the best Corsican wine.

As part of a Corsican wine tour, you can visit the island’s vineyards accompanied by a professional guide to explain the region’s characteristics and wine making process. There is also an opportunity of to sample local artisanal produce, such as delicious goat cheese from the mountains, before a private tasting with a Corsican winemaker accompanied by a gourmet meal.All of our private Corsican wine tours can be tailor-made to meet your exact requirements, ensuring that every detail is taken care of so that you can relax and revel in the experience.

While there nine AOC appellations classified under the respected and strict French Appellation d’origine controlee guidelines that produce quality wine, Corsica’s all-encompassing vin de pays classification Vin de Pays de l'Île de Beauté makes up two thirds of the island’s entire wine production.The wines of Corsica include elegant reds, full-bodied roses, respected muscats and some of the finest white styles to come from the Mediterranean. Corse wine is generally sipped young and chilled as an aperitif or as an ideal accompaniment with light meals. Wine from Corsica differs according the region that the vineyards are from. Before planning a trail blazing Corsica wine tour, here is an overview of the main regions and the wines they produce:

Patrimonio is the island’s most important appellation and home to most producers, creating red, white and Corsican rose wine styles. The wine’s strong character originates from the clay and limestone terroir, which creates full bodied, fruit laden styles.

Ajaccio, where Napoleon was born, features the highest vineyards grown in France – with most nestling 500 metres above sea level. The Corsican wines from here tend to be light coloured and fruit with obvious undertones of black pepper.Corsican wine from the Coteaux du Cap Corse sub-region is regarded as the island’s finest white wine, while the wines from Sartene, especially the red San Michele, are definitely worth discovering.


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