Five outstanding wines to dazzle your senses

Exclusive wine tour in Mendoza, Argentina

Five super premium wines to delight your soul. Discover the benefits of the microvinification process in French oak and the ageing potential that this particular style gives to the wine.

Theme : Visits & Tastings Duration : From 1 to 3 hours Groups : Yes

In the name “Clos de los Siete” there are two ideas: the amazing unique challenge and a single block vineyard forming an enclosure called Clos en french. This name is also used for the wine, Clos de los Siete.

The wines of the Clos gain their success from the favorable combination of four key elements, which are hard to find all in one place, except here in Argentina. That's generous soils, conducive weather, top flight vines and beneficial orientation. 

Such premium conditions and careful ageing in oak give birth to stellar wines which in turn inspire emotions and sensations that connect us with the beauty of sharing. Such moments, places, people & wines, make for a memorable journey in our lives. For a remarkable day during your Argentina experience, we invite you to join our Super Premium Tasting Tour and we assure you, that you will be amazed by the experience.


  • An amazing journey into the wine world of Mendoza
  • Taste premium wines
  • Share an unforgettable moment with the people and places and learn about winemaking

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