Exclusive Wine Experience at Hacienda Araucano in Colchagua Valley, Chile

After lengthy research in several regions of Chile, François Lurton planted his vineyard on virgin terroir, with poor soil and a healthy, balanced climate. Today, the estate has 28 hectares of vines and Lolol has been given "protected designation of origin" status.


It’s only in 2000 that François Lurton and his brother Hacques purchased 200 hectares of land at Lolol* in the Colchagua valley to found their own domain : Hacienda Araucano.

When they started, the area was not known for wine growing. 20 years later, the estate has 28 hectares of vines and Lolol is known a renowned place for wine production. Convinced about natural method of production, Hacienda Araucano is now en route for biodynamic, better for the environment and for the consumers. Being on the “Ruta del Vino” (the wine paths), Araucano estate has been developed to cater the growing numbers of wine enthusiasts and offers great wine experiences.

Lolol (« land of crabs and holes » in the Mapudungun language) is a Chilean town in Colchagua Province, O’Higgins Region. Lolol was founded in 1830.

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