Ancient tradition for today's organic wines

Exclusive visits at Erasmo Winery in Maule Valley, Chile

To reach the Erasmo estate you have to travel back in time on the ancient Conquistadores trail dating back to the beginning of the colony. Experience our holistic approach to winemaking. Taste our award-winning wines paired with our farm-to-table cuisine.

Visiting the Erasmo estate is an experience of contact with nature where ancient traditions meet with modern technology. You will be able to visit our vineyards and ancient cellar, taste our award-winning wines and pair them with our wholesome, farm-to-table cuisine. For larger groups, we are happy to cook one of our home-grown lambs on an open fire in the Patagonian style. Every visit is tailored and we are happy to organize special events for you, too.

The following is the story of the Erasmo estate:

Francesco Marone Cinzano

"In the early 90s, I went to Chile to find a place where I could produce a high-quality Chilean wine. The challenge felt like a treasure hunt.

Against the prevailing local wisdom at the time, I decided to look into history and search in the Maule Valley that had been chosen by the early colonizers in the XVI Century as a settlement area.

One day, travelling on the Conquistadores road, built at the beginning of the colony, I came across the ancient Caliboro wine cellar, built of mud bricks on the alluvial terraces of one of the tributary rivers of the Maule.

Immediately I sensed the ancient power of the place, later discovering that, already in pre-colombian times, it had been inhabited by the indigenous Mapuche population. Although isolated from the main roads, it had a reputation for the quality of its farm products: from watermelons to wines. I analyzed the wines that I found in the cellar and soon was convinced that my search would end there.

In the farms close to the old cellar I found a wealth of experience and traditions among the neighbors. One in particular, Erasmo, helped me understand the peculiarities of the local climate and terrains. The wines are named after him as a tribute to his passion and generosity."

Twenty years later, the Erasmo estate is a boutique producer of award-winning wines and an organic farm that produces most of what is required for sustenance of the people living and working there. Apart from the organic certification we use biodynamic practices and we have a holistic approach to the management of the farm. This includes breeding sheep, horses, cows and other farm animals, also the presence of bees, orchards and fruit trees.

We know that it takes an adventurous spirit to visit the Erasmo estate and every visitor is an honored guest for us with whom we are proud to share simple but healthy fruits of our passion and dedication.

When visiting Erasmo, be prepared to understand the importance of “Pachamama”, the ancient goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is the ever-present deity who has her own self-sufficient and creative power to sustain life on this earth.

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