The gold of Sauternes, the crystal of Lalique

Exclusive wine experiences at Château Lafaurie Peyraguey in Sauternes, France

A very old wine-producing property of 18 hectares, Château Lafaurie Peyraguey, Premier Grand Cru Classé 1855, is located in the heart of Sauternes region. Silvio Denz, owner of the property since 2014 and owner of Lalique, shares his passion for wine and art.


Château Lafaurie Peyraguey, Premier Grand Cru Classé 1855

Located in the heart of the Sauternes region, on high ground just outside the village of Bommes. “Maisons Rouges” (part of Lafaurie-Peyraguey) was a Roman staging post, and the oldest stones of the perimeter wall and the entrance thought to be the most ancient structure in the commune of Bommes, date from the 13th century. The wealth of relics at the château bear witness to the rich heritage of Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey: eight centuries of history preserved!

The history and reputation of Château Lafaurie Peyraguey are inextricably bound up with those of the Sauternes appellation and the 1855 classification. The merits of its own sweet white wine have long been recognized. In the 1855 classification, it was ranked as one of the Premiers Crus Classés, in second place.

Perfume designer, lover of fine wines, and owner of Lalique, Silvio bought Château Péby Faugères and Château Faugères, both Grands Crus Classés in Saint-Émilion, and Château Cap de Faugères in 2005. The acquisition of Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey in 2014 represents Silvio Denz’s commitment to the domain of sweet white wines.

Continuing the work of René Lalique, Silvio Denz is creating a special bottle for Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey, based on one of the artist’s original designs and bearing the LALIQUE emblem: the engraving of “Femme et Raisins”, a piece created by René Lalique on 28 September 1928 in white press-molded glass on a silver background. The original was recessed into the woodwork of the wagons-lit of the “Côte d’Azur Pullman Express”, which started operating in 1929. René Lalique’s engraving of “Femme et Raisins” is now getting a new lease of life on an engraved bottle of Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey, starting with the 2013 vintage.

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