Fine hotels of Chablis!

Discover the finest hotels in Chablis on your next wine adventure tour in the lush vineyards of Burgundy

The hotels in Chablis are spread all over the beautiful vineyards of this appellation. The Chablis village appellation is produced in the several communes of the region which have now made it a world-famous destination for sipping on the most luxurious Chardonnay available.

No French vineyard has so far affirmed its faith in geology. The major bedrock comes from the Jurassic era, more precisely Kimmeridgian (some 150 million years ago) and we find in these rock deposits several tiny oysters that remind us of the warm and the shallow sea that had once covered this territory. These comma-shaped oysters are a reminder of the rich biodiversity present in this stunning region.

On your wine tasting adventure in the region, choose to stay at some of the most luxurious hotels in Chablis and discover the true meaning of French hospitality. The region of Chablis is synonymous all over the world with fresh and exquisite Chardonnay. The different climats here, bring together typical characteristics of white wines, in accordance with the soil and heat exposure; they are structured and enjoy a long finish in the mouth. From being a mineral-like, closed and mostly floral wine in its youth, to a complex wine which develops aromas of finesse and subtlety over the ages, the Chardonnay of Chablis enchants the palate. 

On your relaxing wine vacation discover these wines in the comfort of your exclusive hotel in Chablis. With spas and wellness centers along with several gastronomical delights in form of fine-dining and even Michelin-starred restaurants, you can enjoy the delightful pairing of Chablis wines with the local cuisine.

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