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Exclusive wine experiences at Chateau de Pommard in Burgundy, France

With three centuries of fascinating history, picturesque views around every corner, and a fierce passion for biodynamic winemaking, Château de Pommard stands proud as a cherished Burgundy treasure.

Just three kilometers south of Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy, the ancient vineyard of Clos Marey-Monge sits close to the center of the Côte d’Or. At 20 hectares, Château de Pommard is the largest private Clos in Burgundy. It's a place where grand architecture and passionate winemaking converge among the vines.

The history of Pommard is the legacy of the Micault family. The two will be forever linked in the hearts and minds of the vineyards and its people. For several generations, the Micaults laid down permanent roots in Pommard, breathing life and passion into the soils. Each of the Château de Pommard families who followed have been responsible stewards of Clos Marey-Monge and brought their own unique vision to this treasured jewel. With nearly 300 years of family ownership, we remain one of the oldest family-owned and operated winemakers in Burgundy.

Our purpose is our passion!

Driven by passion, blessed by nature, and enabled by Burgundian savoir-faire, our purpose is to elevate our terroir and create beautiful wines that the world falls in love with.

Wine is alive in the bottle and on our palates. Yet today wines are simplified into rankings and scores. How can something so intimate, so complex, be subjectively presented as a number? We believe wine is very personal: we must experience the place, encounter the people, understand the philosophy, and taste the wines for ourselves, in order to discover our own preferences. It’s our ambition to introduce wine enthusiasts around the world to the elegant tastes of Burgundy. It’s our purpose … and our pleasure.

Sustainable and Biodynamic Agriculture

We have three simple ambitions: to always work in harmony with the laws of nature, maintain a hands-off approach and let the vintage do all the talking. That's it. Embracing sustainability and biodynamic viticulture is not just about making succulent and delectable wines, it’s about making a connection with our planet and letting it know that we will do our absolute best to take care of it.

With almost three centuries of wisdom that has come from respecting and protecting Clos Marey-Monge, our oenologist and agronomic specialist are on a mission to protect the vineyard for another 300 years with Biodynamic viticulture.

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