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Meet the man behind the menu at Le Relais Bernard Loiseau

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Patrick Bertron, current chef of the Relais Bernard Loiseau, offers an authentic, precise and inventive cuisine. He joined the team in 1982 as a kitchen assistant, and quickly became Bernard Loiseau’s sous-chef.

Patrick Bertron has developed new recipes, always in the spirit of Bernard Loiseau’s culinary values, and has maintained the three Michelin-stars acquired in 1991.

His menu is all about exigency and imagination – traits he developed during the 20 years he spent working as Bernard Loiseau’s protégé.

“My cuisine is of the terroir, and has a strong French identity. I like to bring out the main ingredient in the dish, perhaps with a spice, but always very naturally and without any excess. A gourmand, straightforward cuisine, with special details, tiny nuances, surprises…”. Patrick Bertron expresses his culinary talent and creativity by focusing on flavour above all else and by developing light recipes using quality ingredients, while giving particular attention to the appearance and presentation of the completed dish.

“I try to add a touch of originality while emphasising the pure flavours of the ingredient, and bringing out the powerful essence of each ingredient. I do this by limiting the use of added fats and sugars.

I develop recipes according to what is available on the market, on seasonal ingredients. I don’t base my recipes on an idea of texture or a unique presentation, but rather on the feeling that emanates from the ingredients themselves. I start by thinking about the flavour I want to bring out and how to surprise the customer by providing gustatory enjoyment and a gourmet experience. Then, I work it out so that the presentation is also a source of enjoyment”, explains Patrick Bertron

Find Patrick and his impressive menus at Le Relais Bernard Loiseau.

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