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The land of Pommard is known for its brilliant wines and most importantly its Pinot Noir. Discover this beautiful wine region and fall in love with the wineries of Pommard.

The wine in Pommard, Burgundy has been the exact same for several centuries: red, colorful, bouquet, firm and loyal. Located in the Côte de Beaune, between Beaune and Volnay, Pommard, its  prestigious crus and its beautiful homes mark the place where the vineyards tilts slightly towards the Autun region.

Once upon a time this land belonged to the dukes of Burgundy, to religious institutions including the abbey of Cîteaux, and to old, noble families. But from the Middle Ages, Pommard soon became one of the most respected wine regions in Beaune appellation. The sultry red Pinot Noir from the wineries of Pommard almost became a reference wine for the other appellations. Hence it is no surprise that the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée was recognized in 1936 here and was one of the first.

Though popularly, from the nineteenth century, the wines of Pommard were known to be strong and demanding flavours, the reality is quite different. Thanks to the intricate terroir, vinification process and ageing the strong portraitof the wine is nuanced to offer this wine a rich sensitivity. Deep red, dark purple ruby, its purple-hued appearance embraces the aromas of blackberry, blueberry or gooseberry, cherry core and ripe plum. The maturity directs it towards aromas of leather, chocolate and pepper. This is definitely a wine you can let age before opening to truly capture the fruitiness on the palate and the tannic lambskin giving it roundness.

Enjoy incredible cellar visits and tastings of this delicious Pinot Noir at one of our member wineries in Pommard. They offer the best of wine experiences set it delectable surroundings for you to enjoy with your loved ones. Contact our member wineries in Pommard or get in touch with our local travel expert in the region to book yourself a wine holiday in this special region of Burgundy!

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