A 100% Cabernet Franc vineyard in Bourgueil

Exclusive wine experiences at Château de Minière in Loire Valley, France

At our historic estate and château in the Loire Valley,
we produce organic still and sparkling, red and rosé wines.


In everything we do, we aim to offer our visitors “a complete wine experience”

As a vineyard and estate, we approach our traditional heritage in an modern way. This can be seen in the renovations and restorations on the estate and château, the landscaping of the park, the style of the wines, the design of the bottles and through our Minière Team.

The Vineyard

 The vines of Minière range from approximately 10 to 100 years old and are ideally spread out over the entire terroir covered by the appellation, from the gravel shores along the Loire River to the clay, limestone and silica (mineral) soils of the hills overlooking the valley.

This broad range of vine ages and of soils allows the production of delicate fruity wines to be enjoyed young, as well as more full-bodied wines with great aging potential with tannins that become silky over time.

The Château

The estate and château have been under intensive renovation and restoration since 2010, when Kathleen Van den Berghe and Sigurd Mareels became the proud owners of Minière. The estate and château are open for vineyard visits, tastings, lodging and more.

Our Wines

At Château de Minière, we produce a large and varied range of wines, all 100% Cabernet Franc: still and sparkling red and rosé wines.

Organic wines: Château de Minière has an organic certification (Ecocert). The organic process implies close monitoring supervision to prevent diseases and the use of natural products. We believe that using healthy soil is not only better for the environment but it also ensures the superior quality and flavor of the final product.

Wine Selection:

  • Rouge de Minière
  • Rosé de Minière
  • Bulles rouge de Minière
  • Bulles rosé de Minière
  • Vignes Centenaires de Minière
  • Château de Minière
  • Jus de raisin de Minière

Plus an assortment of artisanal jams and honey.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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