France’s best products, wine and cheese! For a lunch

"1. Champagne: how it is made and what makes it so special
2. Wine appreciation techniques: how to taste a wine – techniques and vocabulary
3. The main wine regions of France – the grapes they grow, the style of wines they make
4. Wine and cheese pairing

Theme : Gourmet Experiences Duration : From 1 to 3 hours Groups : No

You like wine? You like cheese? So do we. O’Chateau has taken the time to put together the most fantastic wine and cheese tasting experience. Choosing wines from different regions around France, talking to the Wineries to select the most pertinent wines to go with some very amazing cheeses.O’Chateau’s Wine and Cheese Lunch has become a landmark for any food and wine lover. This experience has been designed as a fun, yet informative way to have lunch in Paris. Instead of going to yet another restaurant, our Wine and Cheese lunch is a great opportunity not only to eat lunch in a unique location but to taste great French products whilst learning about them at the same time!You will taste five different wines, coming from 4 different regions of France. From Champagne to Bordeaux, from the Loire to the Rhone Valley… all that is required from you is to just sit back and enjoy – O’Chateau style! Most of the presentation will be focused on wine. Yet, our sommelier will suggest pairings, will explain to you why a certain cheese might work better with a particular wine. While you indulge in two of France’s best delicacies, you will take a tour of France’s main wine regions, learn how Champagne is made, how to read a French wine label, how to pair the wines with food; and have any questions you have answered.A day spent walking the streets of Paris can create an appetite, so our servings of wine and cheese are more than generous! In addition to this we add a selection of charcuterie meats to jazz things up a bit! Be warned, definitely don’t plan to eat afterwards or visit Le Louvre! All the wines you will tasted during the masterclass are available to buy (plus many more too!) Just ask your sommelier.Santé et Bon appétit!

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