Land, men, passion: three words that summarize Buonamico

Exclusive wine experiences at Tenuta del Buonamico in Tuscany, Italy

Land, men, passion: three words that summarize fifty years of Buonamico Estate.
New ideas, born from the love for our land, combine tradition and innovation in the constant search of a product of excellence. Wine producers since 1964.

Tenuta del Buonamico

The Tenuta del Buonamico wine company was founded in 1964, and from that time on it has been considered one of the Montecarlo’s leading companies for its wine production, respectful of the territory and tradition.

Wine Tourism at Tenuta del Buonamico

The Estate has several big areas for wine tasting, where we can organize guided tours for groups from 2 to 80 people. Every tour includes an introduction to the history of the company, a visit of the cellar, where we explain every single phase of the wine-making process -from the harvest to the bottling, a tour of the barriques room and of the Historical Cellar.

The tour finishes in our tasting area, where visitors can try the company’s wines and extra-virgin olive oils, with the description of the various organoleptic characteristics made by our qualified staff. Tours are about 20 minutes long, while the time to dedicate to the wine tasting can vary according to the chosen formula and the group’s needs. The tour can be in Italian or English. We also speak French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Key features

  • Standard wine tasting
  • Exceptional wine tasting
  • Cellar visit
  • Vineyards visit
  • Wine for sale on property
  • Wine shipping available
  • Gift shop
  • Casual dining
  • Wine pairing available
  • Accommodation available
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