Discover the real Florentine cuisine

Unique dining experiences at Trattoria da Burde in Florence, Italy

Born as a grocery store & trattoria at the beginning of last century, this historic address is away from the usual sightseeing tours. Nothing has been changed: there's charcuterie for sale, a bar-tabac counter and, at the back, a small family room to discover the real Florentine cuisine.

Type of restaurant : CASUAL DINING Type of cuisine : Italian Number of seats : 10 Closed on : Monday

Trattoria da Burde

Born as a grocery store and trattoria at the beginning of the last century, this historic address is away from the usual sightseeing tours in Firenze.

More than a hundred years of history, a number of memories and recipes have found their place among the rooms of the Burde restaurant. Now, from the heritage of the past has come the time for a fresh 2.0 version of new feelings.

The tradition handed down by the founder of the restaurant Burde through four generations of the Gori family, is now kept with care by Paolo Gori, talented chef in charge of the kitchen, and Andrea Gori, award-winning sommelier and influencer in the wine world. The menu and the wine choices are based on the many years of experience of the family, but although the old recipes of Tuscan dishes are true to their origins, the experience at Burde restaurant has been enriched to meet the expectations of modern consumers. At Burde, you can enjoy an authentic Florentine experience at the table, with a great choice of wines among the best expressions of Tuscany terroirs, but there's a lot more!

At Burde you can also shop in the "grocery corner" that has been the front of the restaurant since 1901, you can stop at the bar for a coffe and a slice of homemade cake and listen to passionate tales of local history, you can buy a bottle of champagne for a last minute gift - finding your favourite from the wide range in the wine-cellar - and finally, you can have a walk in a significant art gallery of Florentine artists and - surprise! - discover that Pinocchio really lived here!

The new generation of Paolo and Andrea Gori is carrying forward the century-old family tradition, offering the traditional and seasonal recipes according to grandmother Irene's secrets, a brilliant housewife from Ponte Buggianese near Lucca. Only the best ingredients for the iconic ribollita, spelt and beans soup and acquacotta or yellow porridge with black cabbage, and also tasty roasted meat, tripe, salt cod, or the ancient recipe of peppered wine stew... and the sumptuous Florentine steak: this is what you will find every day at Burde. And, of course, the spirit of a true Florentine welcome!

Come discover the real Florentine cuisine: bistecca alla fiorentina, pappa al pomodoro...

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  • Wine by the glass available
  • Vegetarian menu available
  • Wine pairing available
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