A unique historical property in the heart of Douro Valley

Exclusive wine experiences at Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo in Douro Valley, Portugal

This property runs along the river with 85ha of indigenous grape varieties. The modernized winery (est. 1764) strives to obtain the best from every batch using rigor and winemaking innovation, resulting in a range of Douro and Port wines recognized by international awards and present in 30 markets.


The intensity and silence of Douro anchored at Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo, in the heart of the valley. Once you are at this property owned by the Amorim family since 1999, you enter the wildness and beauty of the landscape, feel the force and the harmony of nature and understand the memory and the modernity of the region.

With a centennial life, the property was owned by the Portuguese Royal Family until 1725 and integrated the region's first demarcation, symbol, at that time, of superior quality wines. It became “Quinta Nova” when some land was added to it, and it owes its devout nickname to the holy Our Lady of Carmel, to whom the boatmen asked for protection against shipwrecks when passing the dangerous parts of the river next to the property.

Even today, on the bank of the Douro, the small chapel is a memorial of faith. As well as the nineteenth century manor house on the hillside, recovered for a wine hotel and wine tourism activities (including the celebrated Conceitus restaurant), or the building of the winery and cellar from 1764, preserved and converted into a wine atelier, a place of craft labor around the grapes that originate the great reserve wines.

The Quinta Nova of Nossa Senhora do Carmo has 120 hectares of vineyards, in an integrated production system, with a privileged solar exposure, mediterranean microclimate and 21 plots of different local grape varieties. The winery's current winemaking capacity is 500.000 Lt and the annual production will be 400.000 bottles in 2017.

In 2005 a new project was born that went beyond traditional Port wines: for the first time the aim was to design great Douro wines reflecting the local terroir.

Known for its differentiation, this brand already has a prominent place in the Portuguese wine scene, with outstanding international awards, which position them among the best in the world in several categories.

The diversity of the Douro at its best! This is the motto and the challenge for the leader of the project, Luísa Amorim, whose goal is to propose a set of wines that are clearly “terroir” with a unique signature, elegant, with high character and great freshness.

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