The Best Lowland Scotch Distilleries

The distilleries of Scotland are opening their doors for you to experience the finest Scotch produced in the world. Come and join us in this wonderful adventure.

Stretching south of a line from Greenock, north of Glasgow, to Dundee in Perth County, this hilly coastline enjoys a mild climate The Lowland region is characterized by fertile land, suitable for growing cereals, especially barley and wheat.  A mild climate and the presence of many rivers have made it an ideal area for whiskey production.

This region from northern Glasgow in the west to Dundee in the east is served by two rivers, the Forth and the Clyde, all predisposed to distillation. Distilled sometimes three times, Lowland scotch is generally dry and light. It is also marked by subtle floral and herbaceous notes. At the end of the last century there were more than twenty Lowland distilleries operational in the country. Nowadays there are only two, Auchentoshan north of Glasgow and Glenkinchie east of Edinburgh.

These historic Lowland scotch distilleries open their cellar doors for you to come visit and explore the beautiful surroundings of the region. You will be guided around the Lowland distillery to discover the origin of the key ingredients that make this delicious scotch. The wheat and barley fields along the babbling rivers will help you understand the reason behind the Lowland Scotch’s distinct flavour and aroma notes. The cellar masters will then guide you to visit the actual distillery plant where all the magic takes place behind-the-scenes. From the roasting pits to the distillation pots and the resting caves, you will see what it takes to prepare a fine bottle of scotch in some of the best Lowlands whisky distilleries. At the end of every Lowlands Scotch distillery visit, you will be a part of an expert-guided whisky tasting session. Here, you will learn to taste and appreciate the fine Scotch produced in the region and the characteristics that set it apart from the other Scotland whiskeys.

To have the best experience visiting the famous Lowlands whisky distilleries contact our local travel expert in the country and plan yourself a tailor-made distillery tour in this magical Scottish land.

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