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Exclusive wine experiences at Finca Valpiedra in La Rioja, Spain

Classic Bordeaux style, a Single Vineyard and only two wines elaborated exclusively with grapes from our Estate: Finca Valpiedra and Cantos de Valpiedra, the result of a combination of stony soils and our own microclimate.

Finca Valpiedra opened its doors in 1999. It belongs to Familia Martinez Bujanda, a group of 5 wineries located in different wine regions in Spain, with a shared philosophy: “Make wine with our own grapes”.

Finca Valpiedra is in the heart of Rioja Alta, surrounded by a spectacular landscape of 80ha of vineyards. The exceptional conditions for growing vines on the Estate are the consequence of its microclimate influenced by the Sierra Cantabria Mountains to the north, and the Sierra Demanda Mountains in the south, as well as a special type of soil made of a layer of boulders and calcareous stones.

These stones which give its name to the Estate -Valpiedra means “Valley of Stones”, allow the vineyards to keep the sun’s warmth, help maturation, and inhibit the vines’ dehydration by avoiding the quick evaporation of water in the warm days of summer. Stone soils are not usual in Rioja and give an unmistakable personality to our wines, a mineral character and structure, combined with the characteristic elegance of the best Rioja and Familia Martínez Bujanda’s wines.

Finca Valpiedra is the only Rioja winery that belongs to the Asociación Grandes Pagos de España (Grand Crus Association of Spain), an exclusive and small group of wineries with Single Vineyards from all over the country that defends the authentic terroirs of Spain.

In Finca Valpiedra the harvest starts in late September and is made by hand with a first selection of bunches from the vines. The winery has 31 small tanks where different varieties (Tempranillo, Graciano and Maturana Tinta) from different plots are fermented separately.

The heart of the winery is its cellar with 2,500 oak barrels, stacked at maximum 3 layers, with appropriate and constant levels of temperature and humidity. In this cellar, our wines age between 12 and 24 months, getting the organoleptic characteristics we require. For these wines, we mostly use new French and some new American barrels. The wood gives a secondary profile, and guarantees the longevity of our wines.

In Finca Valpiedra we are open to receive visitors from Monday through Saturday. You can take part in a complete tour, enjoy a walk in the vineyards or go on a Segway ride through the vines. We also offer special tastings, vertical tastings and more…

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