"Welcome to the land of Carménère, Moai and Viña del Mar!"

Tailor-made travel experiences in the wine regions of Chile

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Chile, the perfect playground for endless culinary pleasures, from the mountains to the sea. In between these, the country's wine regions have developed into a kind of marvel, where typicity varies from one region to the next.

A nation of tradition, technology and achievement that has placed its wines at the winners' podium. Bike the narrow roads of Colchagua searching for juicy Carmeneres and lodge at out-of-this-world wine states and "haciendas". At Casablanca, look for the fresh ocean breeze that shapes great Sauvignon Blancs, only a few miles away from the Port of Valparaiso, a UNESCO world heritage site displaying its multiple personalities of zinc facades, street art mecca and sea food heaven. Above the vines of Maipo, the Andean summits invite for a day's walk, while everything Food & Wine, reflects in centric Santiago. Fabulous fruit and fish markets are part of our experiences, with locals chefs being your hosts for the day, first at the markets and then in the kitchen. Pisco Sour temples, empanadas to go and famous wine bars, are perfect complements to our walking explorations of the historic quarter. Chiloe island contributes to this picture with traces of ancient food, while Patagonia's lake district displays the culinary heritage from the region's first German settlers, present in superb pastries, local Kuchën, garage breweries of the highest caliber and a tradition of artisanal cold cuts.

Our adventures in the region explore both, mythical landscapes and multilayered wine & culinary experiences.

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