Meet the producers and discover centuries-old "savoir-faire"

Bespoke wine tour with Champagne producers

Roam around the sloping vineyards and meet the men and women who have shaped these beautiful landscapes for centuries.

Theme : Visits & Tastings Duration : From 1 to 3 hours Groups : Yes

A luxury experience often ryhmes with sparkling wine, so what better place to start than the magnificent Champagne region, lying to the east of Paris. Though a great number of the Champagne houses have famous names, the region boasts many lesser-known places with age-old traditions and a wealth of knowledge that has been handed down from one generation to the next. 

Come and discover the Champagne region and its ‘terroir’, where the most prestigious sparkling wine originates. We will take you off the beaten track, to family-owned estates, where you will understand the singularity of the Champagne vineyard: its soil, its subsoil, its climate… all those characteristics that make it so unique.

A tasting in the heart of the appellation is an amazing opportunity to discover rare and exceptional Champagnes...


  • Discover the origins of Champagne and its terroir
  • Uncover hidden treasures away from the well-trodden classic itineraries
  • Understand what makes the Champagne vineyard so unique
  • Taste rare and exceptional Champagnes

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