Bespoke food and wine tour in Lisbon

Discover the flavors of Portugal

This special Lisbon wine tour is designed to tickle the taste buds of those who enjoy discovering the wines and foods of the places they visit.

Theme : Gourmet Experiences Duration : From 1 to 3 hours Groups : Yes

The capital city of Lisbon is a beautiful region in the heart of Portugal. It is the largest city in Portugal and together with Porto is the only city in the country to be recognized as a global city. The city of Lisbon is a cultural melting pot. It is the oldest city in Western Europe and predates other European capitals like London, Paris and Rome by centuries.

Portugal has a rich history of nearly one thousand years spread across various continents, and the proof is in its gastronomy: from the Mediterranean fish, the spices of Africa and India, the chocolates and coffee of Brazil, the techniques from Asia, each dish has its story for you to discover on this day!

The "Petiscos tour" will start at your hotel by meeting our friendly and knowledgeable guide and transfer by taxi to the starting point of the experience. From here, begin your walk through the delightful streets of Lisbon’s downtown. Petiscos are the Portuguese response to the Spanish Tapas and involve various different nibbles and snacks that are incredibly delicious. These Petiscos are a specialty in the city of Lisbon and is a must-try when visiting the region. From meat, eggs and fish preparations to simple olives, beans and greens, the Petiscos are best enjoyed with some cold beer or fresh wine.

Our stops include one of Lisbon’s bustling markets where you will taste a local specialty with a first wine while feeling the ambiance of a Portuguese market. Afterward a short walk to a cozy and traditional restaurant with a delightful atmosphere. Here we will taste Portuguese “petiscos” of typical ingredients accompanied by a second wine. Finally, end the visit with a sweet and coffee, or as the locals call it the “Bica”.

Contact us to customize this "Petiscos" & wine tour in Lisbon. 


  • Private guided tour with a local guide to downtown Lisbon
  • Stops along the way in shops, cafés and restaurants adored by locals to taste Lisbon's specialties

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