Best Irish Whiskey Regions

Whiskey is undoubtedly one of the most consumed drinks in the world. Although it is now produced in many countries, the references remain Scotland, its adopted land, as well as Ireland, its country of origin.

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Irish whiskey is one of the most consumed eau-de-vie in the world, and its annual consumption is ever-increasing. The producers of this drink are found in the many distinct distilleries of the country.

When it comes to Ireland, what immediately comes to one’s mind are the lush green meadows, numerous pubs, rugby games, plenty of beer and absolutely delicious Irish whiskey. Apart from these clichés, the three-leafed clover is a popular symbol of this country, whose first inhabitants, the Celts, settled in the mainland around 700 BC. From ancient times Irish whiskey and beers have always been a huge part of the Irish culture and social life.

To make some of the best Irish whiskey, like other whiskeys, you need barley, pure water, raw materials that the country has plenty in quantity and quality along with yeast. Without going into details, its manufacturer requires a specific know-how, which can keep in line with the long tradition. It is usually distilled and put in oak barrels for at least three years to ensure aging. The triple distillation is one of its peculiarities while the Scottish whiskey undergoes a double distillation. On a visit to Ireland, you can visit the distilleries that make the island famous for producing some of the best Irish whiskey. The distilleries of Ireland can be visited all the year and allows you to discover the production of its particular whiskeys. Midleton Distillery, John Power & Son Distillery, Old Jameson Distillery and Old Bushmills Distillery are still in operation and produce high quality whiskey. Compared to Scottish Scotch, Irish whiskey is different from the point of view of fragrance and taste. It is more elegant, finer, and subtly flavored. This comes from the peculiar tradition of charcoal drying and while the former can be dried with peat smoke.

We invite you to visit the legendary distilleries of Ireland and discover the best Irish whiskey. Contact our local travel expert in the region and plan yourself a tailor-made bespoke whiskey experience of a lifetime!

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