A portfolio whisky tasting of our finest whiskies

Whisky tasting mat featuring 5 samples. Tasting 'from the cask' in the warehouse. Whisky tasting glass to take home.

Visits & Tastings
From 1 to 3 hours

Visit the warehouse to learn more about the angels’ share and our unreasonable commitment to quality – double aging our whisky for a richer, smoother flavour.

Return to the whisky lounge for a comparative whisky tasting mat with 5 (15ml) whiskies from our portfolio, including some of our oldest and finest expressions.

Our Connoisseur Tour also includes a whisky tasting from the cask in the warehouse and a complimentary whisky tasting glass to take home.

Also included is the heritage centre offering a unique insight into founders; John Dewar and his sons Tommy and John Alexander.

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