French wines and food at their finest

Exclusive gourmet experience at Château de Minière in Loire Valley, France

Enjoy entirely customized meals in the vineyards of the Chateau, complete with the finest wines from our cellars.

Gourmet Experiences
From 1 to 3 hours

Located in the pretty village of Bourgueil, Chateau de Miniere is one of the best Chateaux in the region offering 100% Cabernet Franc wines. The vines of Minière are ideally spread out over the entire "terroir" covered by the appellation, from the gravel shores along the Loire River to the clay, limestone and silica (mineral) soils of the hills overlooking the valley. You will find young vines estimated to range from around 10 years to old vines well over 100 years.

On this exclusive tour, we welcome our guests to an incredible gourmet experience in the middle of the vineyards. This experience guarantees the best food and wine services entirely customized on the basis of your preferences. Our extensive wine list and gourmet food menu is at your disposal to plan your elaborate meal. We welcome small and large groups and can arrange for your meal at various locations around our vineyards. Our visitors are welcome to make dining requests. 


  • Serving a large variety of dishes,
  • Providing full-service meals based on your preferences and wishes
  • Hosting your meal at various locations in the vineyards
  • Welcoming multiple group sizes.

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