Best Restaurants in Sicily, Italy

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and has a rich and unique culture, with regards to the arts, music, literature, architecture, wine and cuisine. Each region of Italy has its own distinctive cuisine, and food in Sicily is especially full of surprises.

Sicily, the Pearl of Southern Italy

The variety of food and wine in Sicily is the result of thousands of years of mixed settlements. Numerous historical strands come together to create a wide and mixed culinary tradition. Indeed Arabs introduced spices and contrasted the flavours with pistachios and almonds. The Saracents bought the Aubergine, as well as citrus fruits and pasta.

Locanda Nerello restaurant cannot be missed for an authentic dining experience with traditional cuisine based on fresh products and freshly baked bread in the brick oven, to be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Sicilians pride themselves on their sweet decadent pastries, then there is refreshing granite from local lemons and mulberry fruits, and creamy gelato from pistachios grown on the island. Sicilian Red Wines like the Nero d'Avola have now overtaken the Whites in food pairing.

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