Discovering Catalunya: the wine region of Penedès

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The Penedès and Priorat wine regions are both Catalonian regions and Denominación de Origen, DOs (“Designation of Origin”) of Spain, and it has long been considered one of the country's best wine-producing regions after Rioja.


Its name may not necessarily ring a bell in itself, but its main production certainly will: Cava, the quintessential Spanish bubbly made using the same process as that of Champagne. Yes, Spanish sparkling comes almost entirely from the Penedès wine region, one of the most ancient wine making areas in Europe. Unsurprisingly then, a visit to this breathtaking region -a mere 30 minutes from Barcelona, will be bubble-filled.


The wine region of Penedès is home to some wine producers who use the most modern and innovative technology in their wine-making process. There are hundreds of independent vintners in this region, each with a distinct style and production method. One of the most famous wineries in the area is Bodegas Torres, producer of the popular 'Sangre de Toro' or the Bull’s Blood.


The sub-zones in the wine region of Penedès


There are three distinct sub-regions in Penedès: Alt Penedès, hidden into the mountainous areas, is characterized by relatively low yield and high quality grapes, while the Penedès Central, situated to the southwest, is known for a high quantity production. The Baix Penedès in the coastal areas is the region’s third sub-zone.


Major attractions in Catalunya


The Penedès wine region is a magnificent part of Catalunya with imposing mountains and seemingly infinite vineyards that make for a singular countryside landscape. Local wineries and Cava producers have contributed to bringing international fame to the area thanks to their sparkling wines.


Exploring the wine region of Catalunya can be an exciting plan: Penedés is a natural and historical region where cava is ubiquitous and fantastic outdoors and wine-related activities abound. The wine region of Catalunya is also home to some incredible wineries and globally known restaurants. The colorful and vibrant city of Barcelona lies in this region: with an incredible night life, it is also recognized the world over for its gastronomic specialties and numerous architectural wonders including Gaudí's Casa Milà, Park Güell and the never-ending Sagrada Familia, as well as the Gothic Quarter, the center of the old city. A customized wine tour departing from the bustling city of Barcelona could take you to the wine region of Penedès and back in a day so you can discover this famous wine region of Catalunya.


With the Mediterranean Sea looking over the beautiful vineyards of the Penedès wine region, a wine tour to Catalunya would ensure a treat for your sight as well as your taste buds. Get in touch with our local travel expert or take a look at some of our tour suggestions below and go on a dream wine holiday to one of the most exquisite wine regions of Spain!



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