Four generations behind a humble family

Exclusive wine experiences at Bodegas Luis Cañas in La Rioja, Spain

Effort, determination, a passion for things done well and a clear philosophy
focused on the vineyard. We believe that tradition does not need to clash with innovation,
but rather they go hand-in-hand in order to improve.


Our challenge is the pursuit of perfect wines. Craftsmanship starts with the best vines, where we practice rational viticulture respecting the environment throughout the growing cycle.

A Unique Opportunity: Experience Wine from the Vine to the Glass

Wine tourism is a voyage through the emotions. A unique experience that will immerse you in the secrets behind our wines. Come and experience wine tourism in the shade of the majestic Sierra de Cantabria. From your arrival at the winery itself, surrounded by vineyards, you will gradually discover every corner of our house. We invite you to feel the heartbeat of the wine among barrels, to imbibe its colors, aromas and flavors, and to share in our passion for the land, its history and its people. A whole legacy of emotions to enjoy wine with all 5 senses.

Care, perfection and loving attention to what we do can be seen from the way we transport the clusters of grapes, in small plastic crates -in the case of the oldest vineyards, and in small trailers for younger vines. As well as selecting on the vine itself, all of Luis Cañas wines undergo a double selection process: first, they pass through a sorting table where the clusters are selected by hand and subsequently, each individual berry is checked on a Mistral table, so that only those in perfect condition continue in the process. We select the French and American oak casks from the best cooperages in the world. The cask stock is renewed continuously, so the average age is three years. A real luxury.

Committed to quality and to society

In 2006, we started a pioneering project in Spain: the construction of a home for agricultural workers with room for 40 people, separate dormitories for men and women, toilets, laundry, industrial kitchen, canteen, rest room and infirmary. This initiative received the prestigious 2008 Caring Company Award given by the magazine Dato Económico.

Always committed to the environment and to quality, we were the first winery in Spain to obtain the BRC Protocol with AENOR, the ISO 14.000, the ISO 9.002 quality certification, and we inaugurated our own Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Wine Bar and Shop

If you are looking for a different place to relax and enjoy wine, then pay a visit to our Wine Bar. Here you can learn about wines, savoring and discovering what’s behind a glass of wine in a friendly and innovative environment. You don’t need to make a reservation. Whether you visit on your own or in company, all Luis Cañas Family wines will be available by the glass. Whether you have been left with a good taste in your mouth, are looking for a gift, or to restock your cellar when you get home, you can purchase all our wines and accessories in our shop.

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Michel Rolland Selection

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For the last forty years, my career has taken me to four continents and to more than two hundred and fifty different wine estates around the world. I have visited exceptional vineyards and tasted extraordinary wines everywhere I have been.

Now, I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my selection of wineries with you thanks to Wine Paths, an innovative project that I am extremely enthusiastic about, for the first time ever, we can find the best wine & dine addresses in the world featured in one place. 

My selection includes some unique hidden gems as well as some renowned properties: I have chosen all of them based on the outstanding quality of their wines and services. Join me on this journey to discover the best wineries in the world’s most acclaimed wine regions.

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