Discover a recovered wine region, with a stunning landscape and history.

Somontano is a discovery: it produces great wines in the middle of a unique landscape and lovely medieval towns. You can feel history in the taste of its wines.

Visits & Tastings
Full day

Somontano, as its Latin roots suggest, means “beneath the mountain” as the region stretches between the Pyrenees range and the Ebro River.

Grapes have grown in the Somontano region since the second century BC, and were influenced by the settlement of the Romans, as they introduced more advanced techniques. In the Middle Ages, the area covered by vineyards expanded to cover the whole province, with wine production prospering under the oversight of local monasteries.

Both traditional and modern wineries are spread out in the area. We invite you to unveil this Spanish region through its wines and through a lovely stay in a boutique hotel in a medieval town such as Alquezar or Ainsa. Once the base camp is set, we will visit the vineyards of the region as you wish: on segway, by bike, horse-riding… and for the daring ones, we propose a 2-seater heli-flight over the huge landscape fully-covered by different vineyards.

During the day, we will learn about the technology they use for processing the wine, followed by a walk across the experimental vineyard, where they research about varieties and the best way to plant each one.

The exploration will finish off with a wine tasting, in the tasting room or, if weather permits, in the vineyard.


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