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Reims is located in the French Grand Est, northwest of the Marne department and west of the Grand Est region on the axis between Paris and Germany, just south of the European megalopolis. It lies at the edge of the deep sedimentary basin of Paris. It is bordered on the south by the mountain of Reims, whose slopes are home to some of the best wines of the Champagne vineyards, to the northwest by the Saint Thierry massif and to the east by Mount Berru. The climate of Reims is temperate and oceanic. The atmosphere is humid with winters that can also be lively while the summers can be dry and sometimes stormy.

Champagne is an emblematic product of the Champagne-Ardenne region. Reims is one of the centers of the Champagne economy with Epernay. Although the town has few vineyards, about 50 hectares, it is home to many Champagne houses which have vineyards outside the city, especially on the Montagne de Reims. The Champagne houses present in Reims export at least 80 million bottles each year. Among the "big Champagne houses", we find that a long list of names call Reims their home. 

On a wine tour in Reims, you can roam around the small town and admire the many cathedrals and vineyards around it. The lush green vineyards of the regions are perfect for a wine tour which takes you to the centuries-old cellars, where you can learn the many secrets of making the best sparkling wine in the world. You may also indulge in guided Champagne-tasting activities or curated food and wine pairing sessions. The rose biscuits of Reims are a famous accompaniment to the delicious effervescent wines of the region.

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