The ancient road to Rome

Discover the rich history and culture of this northern wine region of Italy where wine-making is trly considered an ancient art.

Emilia-Romagna is an ancient fertile civilization located in the northeast of the country. The region derives its name from the name of an old road that at some point connected the north of Italy with the Roman Empire. This region is rich in culture and history and this reflects directly on its several ancient universities, monuments, cuisine as well as wines. The barbarians who were the original inhabitants of the Emilia region starting producing the sparkling wine famous today while the Roman settlers in Romagna produced structured reds that are still made in this wine region.

The geographical diversity found in this region has resulted in the formation of several distinct terroirs. The rolling hills, low-lying plains, coastal belts and abundant rivers make it an immensely fertile region especially good for production of wine-making grape varieties. Emilia-Romagna produces both red as well as white wines. Some of the famous grapes used in this region include Sangiovese, Malvasia, Trebbiano, Barbera, Lambrusco etc which are employed largely in the production of frizzante or sparkling wines. The region is known for its unique production of certain red wines as well. 

The wine tours in Emilia-Romagna can help you discover and understand this vast universe of stunning wines produced in the region. From wine tasting and guided food pairing sessions to wine cellar tours and vineyard visits, you will understand the details and efforts that go into making some of the finest wines in this region. You can also indulge in discovering the fine cuisine of the region on some of our gourmet wine experiences in the vineyards. From cooking classes to market visits or gourmet lunches in the wineries, you will discover the local produce of Bologna, Parma and Modena and understand what makes the cuisine of Emilia-Romagna truly special.

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