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Match 6 different wines with 6 different types of chocolates. Lucie, our sommelier, has selected different kinds of chocolates in Stephane Roux's shop, a chocolate maker and owner of “ L'Art Chocolatier ” in Pertuis. She has paired them with various sweet wines. The marriages will astound you!

Gourmet Experiences
From 1 to 3 hours

During this workshop, you will try 6 different wines and pair them with 6 different types of chocolates. Lucie will give you a few pairing tips to keep in mind.

We want to keep it a surprise for you, so no wine names yet. For now, the only thing you should know is that you will taste a range of natural sweet wines. The fortified wines are resulting from an addition of spirits during the wine making process. For a natural sweet wine, the distilled spirit is added mid-way through the fermentation process. Early addition of spirits prematurely raises the alcohol content of the wine above 15 percent, killing off the yeast and leaving intact sugar behind. Although fortification was originally just a method of preservation, it survives today as a process for creating a wide variety of delicious sweet wines. Many grape varieties traditionnally used for making sweet wines are to be found around the Mediterranean rim. They bear the names of muscat, grenache, malvoisie, or macabeo.

If the wines you will taste are coming from different areas in Southern France and abroad, the chocolate nevertheless has been made locally, in the heart of the Luberon Natural Park. Stephane Roux, a chocolate maker in Pertuis (near Aix-en-Provence) makes 56 different kinds of chocolate sweets but he never forgets his first love when he affirms “What I like most is working with this fine raw material, with it everything is achievable” . Because he wanted to master the cocoa chain from one end to the other, he founded in the year 2015 “Cacao Diklae”, a plantation of cocoa trees in Costa Rica, thus enabling him to control the production from A to Z.

From light to dark chocolate : the intensity of taste will grow as the workshop progresses. Starting with a fruity chocolate, you will gradually move on to a more intense, darker and bittersweet chocolate.

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